X Factor UK video: Sharon Osbourne talks Series 10

The X Factor 2013 returned to our screens at the weekend and we spoke to returning judge Sharon Osbourne about series ten.

Speaking to us on the red carpet of last week's official launch, Sharon insisted she was happy and confident with her category, despite press reports.

And the music manager told us she wasn't planning to be overly competitive, rather just do what's best for her acts.

Sharon also took a swipe at competition from The Voice, claiming: "The Voice is so boring, who wants to see someone sing that looks like a box of frogs? It's boring."

Meanwhile, Sharon suggested that this year's new double audition format on The X Factor would help the judges to see who really has the potential to become successful in the charts.

Sharon, returning to the panel after four years, explained: "When I was doing America's Got Talent we did it [the auditions] in the arenas there and I missed the intimacy of doing the small room, so I was happy they brought that back.

"But it's great to put them into the arenas because then you see both sides, the artists change totally from one to another, so it's the perfect combination for me this year."

And Sharon claimed she hasn't watched any episodes of the series since she left back in 2007, saying: "I would never watch when I'm not on, I never watch anything unless I'm on it."

The X Factor UK continues on Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

Watch our chat with Sharon above!

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