Big Brother 2013 video: Hazel O’Sullivan and Gina Rio get physical!

Big Brother enemies Hazel O’Sullivan and Gina Rio got physical in the house last night.

But there was no need for security to step in, as the pair's fight was all just part of a task, and Big Brother's safety experts had ensured that all cucumbers had been removed from the garden for the battle.

Going by their alter egos Hotshot Hazel and Gina Warrior Princess, the girls had to face off in a sticky match.

Dressed in very unflattering Velcro outfits, the pair had to fight to get the other one stuck on the ground for at least five seconds, while remaining standing themselves.

In the pre match press conference...g why are you such a bitch? h Because I was born that way baby. g Hazel you're going down, you're witch Hazel and you're going down. I've had enough. I'm going to slam daunk you. h Yes I am evil inside and when we get out there we'll see exactly what happens. I'm clearly the winner even bfore we step out there.

When it came down to the fight itself, Hazel dominated over Gina, and eventually worn Gina down to win the duel, and the £20 personal shopping budget to enjoy.

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