Big Brother 2013 video: Dexter and Callum come to blows in therapy task

Callum and Dexter clashed in yesterday's latest Big Brother 2013 task.

Callum became the house therapist for the day, with his fellow housemates all being given the chance to talk through their problems by chatting with him.

They will go to see him one by one and share their problems with Callum. As a good listener and full of good advice, Callum was told by Big Brother to do his best to solve their problems, whatever their issues might be.

But Dexter's complaints centered around Callum himself.

"I think between the two of us we have a mutual understanding that we both want to make each other carve each other's faces off," Dexter said, managing to out creep creepy Callum.

He continued: "I find certain aspect of his [Callum's] personality grating, I find he's trying to be too smart in his transition throughout the process. I just think he should come into himself a bit more. Maybe be a little bit less deceptive..."

And Dexter concluded: "I think those opinions are going to stay until one of us leaves."

Unsurprisingly, Dexter didn't win the task, it was Sam, who won the chance to take over from Callum as Big Brother's therapist and cross-examine Callum.

Watch a clip from the task above!

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