Big Brother 2013 bitch off! Hazel and Gina go head to head (VIDEO)

Gina Rio and Hazel O'Sullivan went head to head in the Big Brother UK house yesterday.

In last night's Task, The Interview, safe house housemates Daley and Hazel got the chance to quiz and interrogate each of the other housemates in turn in an Apprentice style interview showdown.

Armed with a dossier of "juicy details" about each housemate from their application forms and auditions from Big Brother, the pair were on a mission to find out just how much of the claims are lies and uncover the fact from the fiction.

"Who do you hate in the house?" quizzed Hazel.

"Hazel, Hazel, Hazel," laughed Gina.

"And why do you dislike Hazel?" the model pressed, leading to Gina to list a string of reasons for her hatred.

"Now you can have to give a positive and negative for each of us, unless you find that difficult," said a sarcastic Hazel.

After Gina left the room, Daley remarked: "She hates your guts!"

Hazel commented: "You can't hate someone for just being a person, I don't think she's justified in her hatred. She's just a spiteful jealous person."

Watch a clip of the task above and tune in to Big Brother 2013 tonight from 10PM for the full fallout!

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