Big Brother 2013 video: Jackie Travers goes berserk at Dexter and Gina!

A booze fueled outburst from Jackie Travers filled the Big Brother UK house last night.

It all started over this week's latest shopping task, which has seen Gina Rio, Dexter Koh and Jackie's daughter Charlie put in charge of Big Brother's Treasury.

The trio are living the life of luxury while the other housemates must cope with a rough week, having already had their clothes and cigarettes taken away.

Matters were made worse when Gina, Dexter and Charlie decided to forfeit £25 of the shopping budget in order to get themselves some champagne.

But it all got very heated when Dexter and Gina then tried to also sneak some more booze which BB had delivered for the rest of the housemates.

Jackie snapped: "Dexter, sorry no, but you're not allowed to have any of our alcohol, no way, Gina, nor you either, you've had champagne."

"And we paid for it!" quipped Hazel.

"No, no , no!" shouted Jackie.

"Calm down mum," Charlie said, "Jesus Christ, mum, get some perspective, it's just alcohol."

"We all agreed, it's not fair on us," Jackie hit back.

Meanwhile, back in the safe house, Gina reflected on the incident.

She told Dexter: "It's hard to live with such nasty people. I really wish Big Brother gave us headphones again so we could find a really good bombshell."

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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