Big Brother 2013 video: The safe house... and Jacuzzi is revealed!

The Big Brother 2013 safe house and a new Jacuzzi have both been revealed this afternoon.

On Friday night, Gina and Dexter were the two housemates sent to Big Brother’s secret safe house where they have been living a life of luxury ever since.

The couple have been secretly living under their housemates’ noses watching their every move, and were immune from this week’s nominations. Gina and Dexter have enjoyed access to a power shower and each have had their own double bed and sunken bath, as well getting all of their favourite food served by Big Brother.

On Sunday they watched the housemates nominate as Wolfy, Callum, Hazel and Charlie were put up for eviction, and tonight Gina and Dexter will have the power to save one of the nominated housemate and replace them with another housemate of their choosing.

This afternoon saw Big Brother reveal the safe house to the other housemates, by allowing Gina and Dexter to leave and enjoy a Jacuzzi which had also been revealed in the garden.

The other housemates were shocked by the pair's reappearance, while Gina and Dexter stayed quiet over what they had been up to since Friday night.

But Gina and Dexter won't leave the safe house just yet, instead the lucky nominated housemate saved by Gina and Dexter will join them in the lap of luxury for the rest of the week.

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