Big Brother 2013 video: Gina and Dexter pick on Wolfy and Hazel!

Wolfy and Hazel were the victims chosen by Gina and Dexter during yesterday's task.

With Dexter and Gina now living in the safe house watching whatever the housemates are up to, it was up to them to create a day of havoc for the housemates in the main house.

The housemates in the main house are under the assumption that the Dexter and Gina walked out of the house last night after being evicted by the viewers.

Yesterday morning, they were told that today is the “Viewers’ Takeover”, when viewers at home will be controlling certain situations in the house by voting for what should happen and who it should happen to. What they didn't know, is that these ‘viewers’ are actually Dexter and Gina watching events unfold in the safe house.

Gina and Dexter assigned the following housemates to the following treats and punishments:

- Which two housemates should be sent to jail for the day? DALEY AND WOLFY
- Which Housemate should clean the entire house from top to bottom? HAZEL
- Which jailed inmate should receive a disgusting lunch? WOLFY
- Which two Housemates should sit in the treehouse for a private chat, and which topics should they discuss? WOLFY AND CALLUM
- Which two Housemates should receive a cake and a bottle of wine as a treat? SAM and DAN
- Which Housemate should face an interrogation in the Diary Room, and what questions should they be asked? HAZEL

Watch a clip of the task above!

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