Big Brother 2013 video: Dan Neal clashes with Joe Glenny

Big Brother 2013 housemates Dan Neal and Joe Glenny (of twins Jack and Joe) clashed in the bedroom yesterday evening.

It all started when Joe overheard Dan's 'plotting' with Hazel in the bedroom, and felt the need to get involved in the chat.

But when Dan told him to back off, an angry Joe snapped.

"Dan, please, don't patronise me and don't speak down to me, don't ever think you can speak down to me because I swear to God, you can't," Joe said.

A taken back Dan replied: "Jesus Christ, calm down, is this for real mate? I think we've seen another side of you."

"I'm not your mate at the moment," Joe said in retaliation, adding: "I've seen another side of you today [too], all day you've been conspiring, always, I'm sick of it."

The argument then moved on to what seemed to be other matters between the pair that they had both been keeping from one another.

Dan told Joe: "Do you have to be sarcastic constantly?" while Hazel looked on awkwardly at the whole situation in silence.

Watch a clip of the pair's row above!

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