Big Brother 2013 video: Housemates leave Jack and Joe in the house alone

The Big Brother UK housemates have passed their secret task to fool twins Jack and Joe.

The challenge saw the housemates play a very one-sided game of 'Hide and Seek' called 'Hide and No Seek: Get lost!'

Sophie was called to the diary room for a briefing about a secret task. When she left, Big Brother called the twins in to chat to distract them.

Sophie went back with the group and told them that over the next hour, each of the remaining housemates will one by one go and hide in the store room. They have each numbered themselves in an order of attempting to hide that has to be adhered to, the aim is to eventually get the whole house disappearing from the house for as long as possible without Jack & Joe noticing.

If enough housemates managed to hide in the store room without the Jack & Joe realising they disappeared, they would pass the task and the house would win a reward.

However if Jack & Joe discovered the housemates, they would win a separate treat for just them two.

Working as a team (shocking) the housemates did pass, somehow managing to all completely disappear into the storeroom without the twins noticing, at least for a while. As a result, they were rewarded with sweets and donuts.

Watch a clip of the task above...

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