Big Brother 2013 housemates clash over Suggestion Box task

Here's a look at the results of Big Brother 2013's suggestion box task.

Yesterday afternoon, the Housemates were given the chance to write anonymous suggestions to each other and post them in a Suggestions Box.

Housemates were given 45 minutes to choose two different Housemates to write suggestions for. Housemates were told that their suggestions will be completely anonymous, and despite Big Brother's usual tricks, he kept his promise this time.

Housemates were encouraged to use this as a chance to make constructive criticisms and say things that they may find difficult to say face to face.

Watch the clip above from the results, and find out who was called ignorant, who needs to stop being so bitchy and which of the housemates has been told to stop stirring and causing drama!

There was some tension as the anonymous messages were read out, with one for Dan telling the former copper to stop being so harsh to Michael.

However there was a silver lining, as Big Brother provided the group with some luxury food to make a meal for the evening.

Watch the full task on tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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