Big Brother 2013 video: Watch housemates attempt impossible shopping task!

The Big Brother 2013 housemates took on their first shopping task yesterday, unaware it would be impossible for them to ever pass.

For their very first shopping task, Big Brother challenged the housemates’ teamwork skills as they worked together to fill a giant shopping basket with a stack of oversized groceries.

However the People’s Puppet, who after a public vote on Monday’s BOTS, was on a sabotage mission to ensure that the housemates fail.

The giant shopping basket was on a pivot and had to be balanced by four housemates who held a corner each. Beside the shopping basket was a tall pole, featuring a “PASS” mark high above the ground. The housemates’ task was to stack groceries in the basket until they reached the height of this pass marker, and ensure that the tower passes this point at the moment the task ends.

Housemates received numerous deliveries of groceries throughout the day via a door in the garden. As soon as they heard the doorbell, housemates had to collect the delivery and take the items immediately to the shopping basket (also in the garden).

Big Brother announced the final delivery in the evening and told the group that the task would end exactly one minute from the moment the final doorbell rings. At the end of this final minute, a klaxon sounded, and the tower of groceries had to be taller than the “PASS” marker for the housemates to pass the task.

But the taller the tower became, the more unstable it was, and the harder it became for housemates to keep the basket steady.

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