Big Brother 2013 video: Sallie Axl blows the secret (but it's not Michael's!)


There was a tense moment in the Big Brother 2013 house last night as Sallie Axl revealed she was about to blow a big secret out of the water.

Fortunately for Michael, Sallie wasn't claiming he was a mole, rather she revealed that the housemates knew about this week's nominations twist.

Of course, Michael already knew they knew, but had to pretend otherwise.

So far this week Big Brother has let the other housemates in on Michael's Diary Room conversations, which saw him told he'll be the only one nominating this week.

And yesterday, Big Brother played the same game, letting the housemates watch as Michael praised and slated the others apparently unawares that they were all listening in.

Big Brother has made it very clear that the other housemates must not tell Michael they've been watching him in the Diary Room, but last night it all came out.

Frankly, we're not shocked to see it was Sallie who blabbed, with the glamour model having already been punished for breaking Big Brother's rules after eating one of Michael's special sweets.

Watch the clip above for more!