Britain's Got Talent 2013: We chat to Maarty Broekman!

Today we caught up with wacky Britain's Got Talent 2013 singer (and keytar player) Maarty Broekman for a quick chat.

The 24 year old lives in London, but originates from the Netherlands.

We saw him performing his own track 'Backdoor Lover' with a keytar at the weekend, and scrape through to the next round.

Alesha gushed: “You are so cute, you really, really are. Your enthusiasm is just so nice to see. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to audition. Amazing!”

But a not too impressed Simon Cowell told him: “Maarty I can honestly tell you by a clear mile that is the worst song I have heard in 7 years. I mean seriously, seriously terrible.

"I mean everything about it. From the ridiculous instrument, the horrible lyrics, the terrible singing, the awful costume. Horrendous.”

With three yeses however, Maarty is through to the next round, and has big plans if he scoops the £250,000 prize money in next month's final.

Talking to us today we ended up in tears of laughter as Maarty revealed all on everything from his attempts to win over Simon Cowell to taking Alesha on a date!

The supplies shop seller also showed off his new keytar, which he hopes will get a showing in the live shows next week if he makes it through Sunday's deliberations.

Watch our chat with Maarty above!

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