The Apprentice 2013 preview: The girls make costly maths error

The Apprentice 2013 continues tonight and the girl's team makes a costly error.

After losing last night's first task, the girls are keen to try and get going in this evening's new challenge, which sees Lord Sugar task the teams with making money from booze.

Neil is leading the boys team while Tim is put in charge of the girls by Lord Sugar.

At the brewery the boys get their sums sorted and turn around an efficient production line, while Tim and the girls find the quantities difficult to digest.

Watched by an expert, Tim and his team start mixing their sample using the super strength flavours, provided in a range from blueberry to bacon. Dangerous in their pure form, the team must be careful to use safe proportions of each flavour when scaling up their recipe.

Once settled on their rhubarb and caramel sample - which also receives a nod from their observer Karren - it’s time for Tim’s girls to scale up their formula to flavour the beer in bulk. In charge of numbers, Francesca is questioning whether her maths makes sense, apologising: “I’m really sorry, my brain’s confused with litres and grams and stuff.”

As not one but two barrels are deemed not safe to drink, Francesca worries: “we just can’t get our heads around the logic of this. We’re going to end up with no product. I’m absolutely petrified of having no product and nothing to sell and nothing to do tomorrow.”

Watch a clip from the show above.

The Apprentice 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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