Britain's Got Talent 2013: We chat to the Luminites!

We caught up with Britain's Got Talent 2013 stars the Luminites today for a quick chat!

Speaking before their audition at the weekend, the group said: “We just gig as much as we can, we’ve done pubs, unis, school halls, whatever we can. We are used to just literally singing for our dinner.”

They added: “Right now we are pretty broke."

After their performance and the judges gushed over the 'unique' group, with David telling them: “What is there not to like about you. Fantastic song, you’re all brilliant musicians. You’re all very easy on the eye as well, in your own ways. No you’re fantastic, I didn’t mean you so much actually. You’re like ready-made stars.”

Simon Cowell added: “The song choice was absolutely genius, genius. Your vocals were outstanding. It’s very cool. By far the best audition we’ve heard today.”

Chatting to us this morning the four piece were still clearly on a high from their audition, saying: “It’s been overwhelming, our Twitters have been going crazy. We’re not used to that, so we’re like, ‘Oh my God!’"

And the group's JJ revealed that the group would like to perform their own original material if they make it through to the live shows.

He said: "We've got our original songs and, one day, it'd be amazing to share those."

Watch our interview with the group above!

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