The Voice 2013: First look at this weekend's latest auditions

Here's a first look at this weekend's The Voice 2013 UK auditions, as 'Sneaky Willie' causes tension on the panel!

The Black Eyed Peas star, who has given himself the bizarre nickname, has been playing with the other coaches with some underhand tactics.

The self-labelled 'transparent' member of the panel is seen clashing with Jessie this Saturday night during the latest auditions when he tells one hopeful not to pick Sir Tom Jones over her.

Sir Tom, Jessie and Danny O'Donoghue all turn for the young female singer after her blind audition.

So far Jessie has seven artists on her team, but only two girls, something she's made no secret about.

Pitching for this latest act, Jessie says: “They will never understand how nerve wracking it is to be a female stepping on stage.”

But Danny quips: “What’s the difference, it’s not like you’re a sub species or anything.”

And in a bit of a ganging up against Jessie, Will joins in and attempts to persuade the artist to join Team Tom, first by mouthing the Welsh singer's name and then by carrying out some bizarre cheer leading routine.

“He is trying to spell Tom with his body!” Jessie shouts.

The Voice UK continues this weekend on BBC One at the later time of 8:20PM.

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