Celebrity Big Brother video: Housemates are on to game playing Speidi!

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have turned on Speidi after BB got up to his old tricks today.

Earlier, Heidi and Spencer were led to believe they are being interviewed by the web team for a made-up digital show ‘Big Blogger’, and that they were having an online chat with a competition winner . In fact it was all a secret task and the other housemates were watching the whole interview from the living area and typing their own questions to Heidi and Spencer from a laptop as if they were the competition winner.

Heidi and Spencer were called to the diary room and told that they had won a poll as the housemate the viewers would most like to see interviewed on the Celebrity Big Brother internet based show ‘Big Blogger’.

They were lead to the large task room to meet some members of the digital team who claimed to be about to film the last in the series of shows for ‘Big Blogger’.

Meanwhile the other housemates were gathered to watch the interview on the screen in the living area. After watching the whole interview, the housemate were given the chance to ask Heidi and Spencer some questions of their own posing as a competition winner on a chat room.

Housemates had to find out interesting information about Heidi and Spencer, including:

* Their opinions of other housemates.
* Their feelings about controversial incidents in the house.
* Explanations for things that they have done in the house.
* Their thoughts on evictions and nominations.

If Big Brother was satisfied that housemates have used the web chat to successfully reveal interesting and previously unknown information, housemates would win reward.

Watch the outcome of the task below...

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