Young Apprentice 2012 final: Maria, Patrick clash (VIDEO)

Patrick McDowell - Young Apprentice 2012

Here's a sneak peek at the Young Apprentice 2012 final, as the four remaining candidates compete to win the £25,000 prize.

Ashleigh Porter-Exley, Lucy Beauvallet, Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell all remain in the competition but only one will win in the boardroom.

Thursday night will see the foursome split into two teams Maria & Patrick and Ashleigh & Lucy , who will then go head to head in the final task.

Both members of the losing team will be fired, while only one from the winning team will win the prize.

Revealing their final task, Lord Sugar says: “In the year when Britain took to the world stage in sports, your task is to come up with a brand new range of sportswear that’s going to go global.”

The Young Apprentice 2012 final airs Thursday night at 8PM on BBC One.