Young Apprentice 2012 preview: Candidates get negotiating (VIDEO)

Alice Smith - Young Apprentice 2012

Here's a sneak peek at this week's Young Apprentice, as the candidates are sent on a business scavenger hunt.

It is week three of the business competition, and for the ten candidates hoping to become Lord Sugar's Young Apprentice - and win the £25,000 investment into their business future - to hone their negotiation skills.

Following their foray into culinary publishing, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to the London Coliseum, home to the English National Opera. With over two hundred performances a year, the ENO needs plenty of props; it is the teams' task to scour London and find a list of ten items to be used in upcoming performances. Once an item is found, the candidates then have to negotiate the cheapest possible price. The team that comes back with the most items, for the least amount of money, will win.

While one team hares off and hits the shops straight away, the other decides to stay at the Coliseum and plan out a shopping route map. But despite their different strategies both teams finish the day in a frenzied panic, trying to buy the last items and avoid a fine for returning late to the Coliseum.

Nick and Karen keep an eye on who makes the decisions that make or break their teams' chances of success, and in the boardroom another candidate is fired.

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