Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Watch Sid Owen in training! (VIDEO)

Sid Owen (Strictly Come Dancing)

See Sid Owen and Ola Jordan in training for the first Strictly Come Dancing 2012 live show.

In this first training clip, former Eastenders star Sid reveals he'll be doing the Waltz on the first live show with Ola.

Sid says: "It's been good, it's fun, I'm just trying to grips with the Waltz which is our first dance.

"But there's a few issues... i.e. posture!"

Ola adds: "We did some steps today just to see how Sid moves, he remmebers steps quite well, he moves nicely.

"Sid has a great attitude, he wants to learn, he wants to improve. I think we're both going to have great fun dancing together."

The Strictly Come Dancing 2012 live shows start on October 5 on BBC One.

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