Celebrity Big Brother video: Jasmine's mum enters the house!


Here's the moment Jasmine's mum entered the Celebrity Big Brother house... as Shelly the psychic!

To pass the task, not only will Marilyn have to convince the others she is a genuine housemate, but will also have to deliver a variety of psychic predictions fed to her by Jasmine.

Jasmine will be watching the action in the house from a monitor in the small task room and feeding Marilyn instructions through an ear piece.

If Jasmine and Marilyn carry out their mission without being rumbled, and Marilyn’s true identity isn’t discovered then Jasmine will win a very special reward - being able to make two housemates immune from eviction.

Jasmine wanted to make Coleen and Samantha immune.

But if they fail their mission, then the housemates will be rewarded instead.

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