Celebrity Big Brother video: Housemates have a cream pie fight!


As part of this week's shopping task, the fun fair visited the Celebrity Big Brother 2012 house this evening.

To win money to spend on shopping this week, the housemates must spend as much of Big Brother's £1,000 given to them earlier today.

Every pound they spend means £1 to use for shopping tomorrow.

But this being Big Brother, when they spend money they're unlikely to be getting something nice in return.

At the fun fair the group can pay to use a child’s coin-operated ride, a coin-pusher machine, and a spinning Waltzer which will make them dizzy, but it was the stall where housemates can pay to ‘pie’ someone else that was the most used.

Things quickly got out of hand as pies began flying everywhere across the garden at every one of the housemates.

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