Big Brother news: Ashleigh's dad 'wants words' with Luke S!

Luke S and Ashleigh hugging

Dad of Big Brother housemate Ashleigh Hughes has said he's going to have words with Luke S after the show!

It follows Luke's comments on a recent task that he'd rather prefer the Bachelor life-style, and admitted he had planned to "pick up a bird" in the house.

Speaking to Star magazine, Ashleigh's dad wasn't too happy with the remarks.

"He's not as genuine as I thought," he said. "Possibly, he's playing the game and covering all the bases. If Ashleigh finds out, it won't look good on him. He's worrying about how he looks on the outside to.

"When he's with Ashleigh, he looks guilty."

And he called on Big Brother to show Ashleigh the footage.

He suggested: "I hope they do show her [what Luke S said]. She'll tell him what she thinks. I think she'll lose trust for him and think 'Was he just using me?'"

We'd love for it to happen, there would definitely be fireworks!

Ashleigh's dad warned: "I'll be having words with him at the wrap party."

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