The Voice UK finalists: Meet Team's artists! (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK battle rounds concluded this evening and left us with our final teams! Each coach now has five artists in their groups who will compete in the live shows, but who is fighting on behalf of

Over the pass two days, the Black Eyed Peas star chose youngster [tag]Frances Wood[/tag] over Kate Read, soul in a bowl singer [tag]Jaz Ellington[/tag], diva in the making [tag]Joelle Moses[/tag], Northern Irish beauty [tag]Sophie Griffin[/tag] and Amy Winehouse's former pal [tag]Tyler James[/tag] to make the live shows.

Profile Team below!

Frances WoodFrances Wood

18 from Wakefield

Blind Audition: Sang Black Eyed Peas hit ‘Where Is The Love’ and impressed who was the only coach to turned for Frances.

Battle Rounds: Frances V Kate Read sang ‘Ironic’

Frances’s talent first became apparent at the age of four, when she got up on stage at a holiday park and astounded an audience with a rendition of The spice girls’ hit ‘Stop’.


Jaz EllingtonJaz Ellington

27 from London

Blind Audition: Jaz sang Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Team’ followed by an acapella rendition of John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’ culminating in tears from the coaches and the crowd.

Battle Rounds: Jaz V Jay Norton sang ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’

Jaz’s singing started in church and now he runs gospel workshops. He says he wants to prove that looks do not count.


Joelle MosesJoelle Moses

21 from London

Blind Audition: Blew the coaches away with her stirring rendition of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep’ with all four coaches turning their chairs.

Battle Rounds: Joelle V Jenny Jones sang ‘I’m Every Woman’

Joelle has already flirted with the music industry recording demo vocals for the likes of Rhianna, Gabriella Cilmi and Toni Braxton.


Sophie GriffinSophie Griffin

17 from County Tyrone

Blind Audition: Sophie wowed the coaches with Estelle’s ‘America Boy’ and turned for her.

Battle Rounds: Sophie V Jay Marie Cooper sang ‘Firework’

She has been preparing herself by busking and gigging and has never had a singing lesson in her life but looks to Beyonce as a vocal inspiration.


Tyler JamesTyler James

30 from London

Blind Audition: Sang Otis Redding’s ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’ and a falsetto climax led to will.i,am pushing his button.

Battle Rounds: Tyler V Heshima Thompson sang ‘Yeah X 3’

As a close personal friend of Amy Winehouse, Tyler’s ambitions were thrown into focus after her death last year. He says that it was a wake-up call and he felt he needed to get back into music.

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