We count down our top 10 X Factor moments of this year: Numbers 5 - 1!

X Factor 2011So that's it, Little Mix have now won. However, not all of it's over, we haven't finished our count-down yet. So here it is, here's the continuation of our earlier countdown from 10 to 6. YES, we're counting down from 5 to 1 when we shall be revealing the X Factor moment of the year. Here we go guys!

5. Louis impersonates Kelly

Louis Walsh 2011In Week 4 of the live shows, following Kelly Rowland's absence due to an illness, we were shocked to discover that despite not being there in presence, Kelly was there in spirit! Then we opened our eyes and realised that it was Louis Walsh doing a bad impression of her. Seeing him telling Janet: ''You put it down baby girl'' was both hilarious and cringeworthy.

4. Johnny lets Gary rub his lamp

Johnny RobinsonAfter a geisha inspired performance of Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', Johnny was well ready for Gary's sharp tongue as he wittily replied to Barlow's comments that he looked like Aladdin: ''You can rub my lamp any day Gary!'' The comment went down as a classic amongst X Factor fans and Johnny went on to have another three weeks of fun before he sadly went home in Week 5 of the competition!

3. ''Me Me? I'm Janet Devlin Boo Boo!''

Kelly Rowland BuzzAmongst Kelly Rowland's numerous infamous moments, her numerous Americanisms were definitely the best! We were particularly fond of 'Girlalirl' and 'Who knew you could do uptempo? Owwwwwww!''. However, the most interesting one was definitely in Week 7 when she responded to Janet's performance by saying: ''Me Me? I'm Janet Devlin boo boo!'' Genius!

2. Misha B's Swansong!

Misha BryanWe could have chosen her memorable audition or even one of her performances but for us, the song that best represented Misha B's time on the show was her swansong, a glorious mixture of rap and emotional Jessie J ballad 'Who You Are' which she had previously performed in the sing-off in Week 6. The performance was Misha B going out on a high and even Tulisa was in tears during the song! Here it is!

And the winner is.................

1. Dermot's Dances (All Of Them)!

X Factor 2011 Final - DermotWe have to admit despite initally cringing, Dermot's dances soon turned from odd sideshow to legendary weekly ritual and we began to enjoy every single one of them. The dances were absolutely bloody hilarious and everyone really enjoyed seeing him and the Dermorettes leading into the show every week. So instead of littering the page, we're going to post below just a few of the legendary entrance dances in all their glory.