We count down our favourite X Factor moments: Numbers 10 - 6

X Factor 2011This year's series of The X Factor has been eventful to say the least with arguments between judges, drug allegations and Louis Walsh doing a Kelly Rowland impersonation! However, some of the best moments have been the most unexpected. Here's our Top 10 from 10 to 6!

10. CLIFF RICHARD???????

A bit of an odd one this. When asked for their guilty pleasures on The Xtra Factor a few weeks ago, Jade of Little Mix (pictured right) admitted reluctantly that she has a slight crush on Cliff Richard. Yes, despite a slightly large age gap, pretty Jade admitted that she has a little bit of a crush on the aged singer. We have just one question; CLIFF RICHARD???????????

9. Olly and the Muppets

Olly Murs

This performance ranks in our Top 10 not just because it was the Muppets who performed alongside him but because it gave us the opportunity to make countless jokes about Olly being a bit of a Muppet (oh what are we like?). Oh, and it was pretty sweet to see Gary and Louis get into the performance (or was that Statler and Waldorf? (Answers on a postcard, see below)

8. Jade Richard's Audition

Jade Richards X Factor 2011We chose this purely because it was an absolutely divine audition. Jade was one of the outstanding auditions on the show this year (the equivalent of what Gamu was for 2010's series for us) and whilst we were disappointed that she didn't make the live shows, it made her audition even more special.


7. OK.Com

Alexandra BurkeAlexandra's stint as a judge during Kelly's absence in Week 4 was an absolute scream and people may ridicule her all they like but her little snipe at Louis Walsh kind of made our night. She wasn't a fantastic judge but her 'OK.Com' quote will go down in history (okay we lied but it was pretty infamous, okay?) Anyway, yeah it was a fun piece of television so let's all relive it again!

6. Goldie's Audition

Goldie Webb Cheung

Goldie's unexpected audition had us in stitches as the mad auditionee proceeded to wrap her leg around Gary's leg whilst singing her own original song 'Copper Bell'. However, what really stood out was the mad clapping lady who reminded us of one of those monkeys with cymbals. Goldie did of course reach the live shows before she decided to leave because she missed her family too much.

5-1 will be with you all before tomorrow's final. We promise, okay? Oh and as per usual, feel free to comment below telling us what your favourite moments of this series have been!

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