Danyl Johnson "banned from US TV"

Popular X Factor auditionee Danyl Johnson has been prohibited from appearing on American TV, it has been claimed. The hopeful who auditioned on the first show of the series has been an internet sensation with comparisons being made to Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyale.

Simon Cowell claimed Johnson's audition was the "best he had ever seen" and since then the singer has been getting offers from all over the world for appearances. It has been reported however that he has not been allowed to accept an invite on The Oprah Winfrey Show in case it gives him an unfair advantage over the other contestants.

An insider told The Sun newspaper, "There has been a huge appetite for Danyl over in the States.

"Everyone has been watching his performance on YouTube and the Oprah producers caught wind of him.

"They thought it would be great to book him on to the show so lined up a slot for him.

"But X Factor producers and ITV didn't like the idea. They reckoned it would be unfair on the other acts as they are only supposed to be judged on what they do on the show."

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