Misha B: We pay tribute to Misha B's time on the show as we look back at the fourth placed act's journey!

Misha B sings MotownIt was a pleasant surprise for us when we first came across Misha Bryan, the 19-year-old Mancunian when she auditioned for this year's series of The X Factor. Since then, she has had various (questionable) hairstyles and a variety of fantastic performances. So now with the three-times bottom two act coming 4th, resident Misha fan Kevin pays tribute to her time on the show!

'All I'm asking for is for a little Respect' were the lyrics that she sang as the Manchester based teenager Misha Bryan tried out for the eighth series of the popular ITV1 talent show. With a distinctive style, great stage presence and a hell of an ability to rap freestyle, a large number of people were won over by Misha.

Of course, she wasn't without her story as she told of her respect for her aunty who has looked after her following her mother's decision to abandon her as a baby. Misha sailed through 'Bootcamp' with her original take on soon-to-become her mentor Kelly Rowland's band Destiny's Child's monster hit "Survivor" and she soon became a favourite of Kelly's!

Of course, it was no surprise to see her sail into the live shows and for me personally, she became the act who intrigued me the most. After two great performances in Week 1 and Week 2, I must admit that I was slightly outraged when Tulisa commented on how she had made 'mean comments' to other acts after her rendition of 'Purple Rain' in Week 3.

Comments from Louis calling her a ''bully'' lead to an all out hate campaign from certain tabloid newspapers as articles about how she was a diva backstage and had bullied Sami Brookes and Little Mi began to appear in their droves. So yes, I will say that I believe that her chances of winning went out the window due to these tabloid rumours.

Most of them have been vehmently denied and I still don't see any attitude coming from Misha, she strikes me as a sweet girl who has had a rough time of it and is grateful of the opportunity she has had. Yes she's quite quiet after her confident performances but maybe the feeling that anything you do or say will be heavily scrutinized is enough to make her feel like she can't be herself?

Week in, week out, she's been consistent and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of her performances, in particular 'Proud Mary' from Week 5, 'Rolling In The Deep' from back in Week 1 and most recently, 'Perfect' from just last night. I'm sad to see her go home at this stage but I fully understand her exit from the show and think it's right.

Why? She may not be perfect, she may have made mistakes in the past and have admitted to playground bullying as a child but for me, she represents something really unique and exciting about music. We don't have anyone who has the combination of soul, passion and stage presence that makes her my favourite. 'Who You Are' which has been performed twice by Misha, most recently as her swansong tonight represents her journey throughout the show.

Before I continue to ramble on, I'm going to say that I think Misha's exit is for the best. Yes, she may have missed out on making the final but I predict big things for Misha, I really hope she makes it big because she deserves it due to the commitment that she has shown and of course, due to her talent. So to all fellow 'aliens' (I do feel slightly worried that I'm using the term), don't worry about Misha B, she will surely move onto many big and exciting things (soundtrack for a Tim Burton movie?) and for Misha B, things are looking very bright. If she's reading this, thanks for making our weekends bright!