X Factor viewers blast Kelly Rowland for refusing to vote in the sing-off

Kelly Rowland 2011

Fans of The X Factor have hit out at Kelly Rowland after she refused to vote between Janet Devlin and Misha B in this evening's sing-off. The US star said it was too hard to split the "unique" singers after both fell into the bottom two following last night's performances.

With Louis and Tulisa having both already voted for Janet to go, it meant that Kelly's refusal resulted in the Northern Irish teenager being sent packing.

However despite Gary Barlow saying he'd have sent Janet home anyway, some fans weren't pleased with Kelly's excuses.

Writing on Twitter, one said: "She's backed Misha series-long. Pathetic, crocodile tears from Kelly tonight. This w/e was all about getting Janet out. Job done [sic]"

Another added: "But she's paid for that !!! To VOTE!!!!"

And on Facebook, one user wrote to us: "Kelly Rowland your a gut less coward its clear you wanted her off the show, you could have given her the chance to go to deadlock your a disgrace. [sic]"

Others also suggested it was wrong for the panel to have saved Misha B again, who has now avoided elimination three times after being in the bottom two.

"How will misha b sell records and sell out arenas when she cant get people to pay 36p to vote for her So pointless keepin her in [sic]," one viewer said.

Sarah Van Belle commented on the elimination: "I don't get it. I follow this show from Belgium. We have similar shows here (the voice, x factor, idols,...) and whenever some contestant ends in the bottom two for over two weeks, it's just logic to send them back home. So I just don't get the judges' decision..."

But there was also support for the decision, with one tweeter telling us: "If we had to judge yesterday’s performances; I think Misha B should stay & Janet should go home!"

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