X Factor voiceover Peter Dickson 'almost quit' over Movie Week change

Peter Dickson (X Factor voiceover)The X Factor's narrator Peter Dickson reportedly almost pulled out after bosses decided to use another voice for Movie Week.

Part of the opening to last night's episode was voiced by Redd Pepper, whose deep tones can normally be heard in film trailers. But according to Heat, Dickson's agent was unhappy at the move and threatened to end his involvement with the show.

Their insider said: "X Factor bosses decided not to lose voiceover man Peter Dickson for good by reinstating him to voice the opening sequence of last night's show. Redd Pepper was brought in who is a friend of Peter’s to voice a small section of the show for movie week.

"Peter’s management weren’t happy at the decision made by X Factor osses to replace Peter in the opening sequence to voice the signature opening the public have grown to love, and threatened to remove him from the show for good. Thankfully, normality was restored."

Peter has won an army of fans through the show and is noted for his style of announcing the names of some contestants, including X Factor 2009's Rachel Adedeji.

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