Crissy Rock becomes first to refuse I'm A Celebrity skydive

Crissy RockCrissy Rock has become the first ever contestant in the history of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here to refuse the skydive entrance.

It's one of the show's staple features that some stars have to jump out a helicopter on their way in to camp. However, in ten series, no-one had ever failed to go through with it.

Antony, Crissy, Fatima, Lorraine and Mark all took to the sky for the challenge, and initially it appeared that Antony would be the one to chicken out. But after talking to instructors, he changed his mind, commenting: "I'm doing it because I don't want to look like a k**bhead."

Once the group was above the clouds, 12,000 feet from the ground, Crissy showed her first signs of weakness, saying: "I don't think I can do it now."

Lorraine was first to jump, followed by Mark and Fatima.

Antony then faced his fears and took the plunge, with Mark and Fatima believing that Crissy would be the next to join them. However, as soon as they realised who it was, they rushed over to congratulate him as he burst in to tears.

"I was brave to do that.  I think anyone that does something like that is brave," said Antony.

Meanwhile, Crissy decided that she didn't want to jump, and she was brought down to the ground to collect her false teeth. "I am disappointed, but at the same time I wouldn't like to go through that fear ever again," she said.

"I'm a chicken, but I'm a proud chicken."

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