X Factor 2011: Ashford Campbell thinks he jinxed the risk!

The Risk with Ashford Campbell

Ashford Campbell hasn't had much luck on The X Factor this year, having been turned away three times throughout the whole series! The singer now reckons he's jinxed the risk after his latest elimination on Sunday night.

Ashford originally applied to the X Factor as a solo artist, but was rejected by the judges. He then got a second chance as Nu Vibe, but the boys became the first act to leave at the start of the show. Last weekend Ashford was brought back again, this time as part of The Risk after Ashley quit the show, but now they're out too!

Speaking about the exit, Ashford said: "I think mentally I was more prepared for it this time, but it still hurts the same - if not more so - to have been given a second chance and then have to leave again.

"I think I must have jinxed the group or something."

He may have a point!

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