Johnny Robinson wants to replace Olly Murs on Xtra Factor!

Johnny Robinson

Cheeky Johnny Robinson seemed as upbeat as usual after leaving The X Factor last night, revealing he was hoping to be hosting the Xtra Factor this time next year! Despite narrowly missing out on the halfway point, Johnny wasn't too upset about leaving the competition.

"I was very lucky to get here, I've had a great time," he told hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack yesterday.

"I'm 45, I'm so lucky to be here. I've had some fun, I've got myself a little launch pad, I'm just so grateful to yourselves and all the camera crew."

He added: "The future's bright... I don't know. I'd love to have Olly's job this time next year! Or make an album."

You can’t be any worse than Konnie Huq, Johnny...