X Factor: The Risk's Charlie Healey complains to bosses over Kitty's 'racist abuse'

The Risk with Ashford Campbell

The Risk singer Charlie Healey has come forward to reveal that he was the one who complained about Kitty Brucknell's alleged racist abuse towards his band mate Derry Mensah. Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Charlie added that Derry didn't want to say anything to show bosses.

“I was there,” Charlie told the local newspaper. “I heard it. Derry didn’t react because it was Kitty. He bit his tongue, which took incredible self control.

“I’ve got so much respect for him and how he handled it.

“He didn’t want to take it any further but I told him that he cannot let her speak to him like that.”

Bosses have claimed that the incident - in which Derry claims Kitty called him an "evil black b******" - has been resolved. However Derry said: "I am still in total shock at what she said. It was very hurtful.”

While Kitty has apologised for the argument, she has denied using any racist language.

One friend told the Daily Mirror: “She finds it so hurtful Derry would say all this. It’s the last thing she needs after a terrible week. She doesn’t know what his problem is.

“As far as she is concerned Derry is making the whole thing up."