X Factor 2011: Tulisa's groups say she was wrong to confront Misha B on the show

The Risk

Tulisa's two groups Little Mix and The Risk have hit out at her comments towards Misha B on The X Factor last week. Her two acts said she was wrong to confront the teenager about claims of bullying live on the show.

"Tulisa shouldn’t have said that on stage, it's not fair on Misha. I know she's not a bully," the Risk boys told Reveal magazine at a Fireworks party held at the X Factor house this week.

And in more awkward news for Tulisa, girl group Little Mix agreed, despite the N-Dubz star saying they were the ones who had originally complained about Misha's attitude.

Perrie Edwards of the group told the magazine: "Kelly was right - what happens backstage should stay backstage. We love Tulisa, but it's quite hard to deal with something like that in public."

But Perrie did understand where Tulisa was coming from with the comments, adding: "It hasn't been easy for Tulisa. I know she's been getting a lot of stick for it. But she was just being honest. I don't think she thought through the consequences."