X Factor's Craig Colton puts a stone back on after 'comfort eating'

Craig Colton

X Factor's Craig Colton started the live shows by shgedding a whoping two stone thanks to mentor Gary Barlow, but as the weeks have gone on he's been putting the weight back on! According to Star mag, the fresh veg and raw meat diet has gone out of the window...

Gary had originally sent in his own personal chef to help Craig shed the pounds, nd even visited the house himself to go on runs with the Liverpudlian lad, but insiders claim the diet plans have quickly been abandoned.

A source told Star magazine: "Craig has been trying really hard to stick to his diet, but in the last week or two, the pressure of the competition has been getting to hjim and he's started comfort eating.

"He really does want to be slim and had been dong so well, but sadly he has slipped off the diet wagon and it shows."

Harsh words!

Franky, we reckon Craig looks absolutely fine as he is!

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