X Factor 2011: Derry Mensah insists Kitty did "racially abuse" him

Kitty Brucknell

Despite show bosses yesterday claiming that an allegedly racist row between Kitty and Derry had been "resolved", The Risk singer today hit back at claims he was making the argument up. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Derry insisted Kitty had abused him.

Derry told the newspaper how the row started over a sofa in the rehearsal room used by the contestants.

“She was sleeping but I came in to do my vocals," he explained.

“Then she snapped and went off on one and called me a black b******. She was upset that I woke her up and she looked like she was going to cry.

"She apologised afterwards. But we don’t speak any more. It’s bad because she goes around saying she used to be bullied and then she says stuff like that to me.”


And Derry hinted he may take things to mentor Tulisa, who we know isn't shy about bringing backstage rows up the show!

He said: “I’m not well at the moment. I lost my voice just before my performance on Saturday and the whole thing has caused a lot of stress. I don’t know if Tulisa knows about it – she won’t be pleased to find out about it. We’ve resolved it, but it’s still not right.”

As you'd imagine, Kitty has continued to deny the claims.

“She finds it so hurtful Derry would say all this. It’s the last thing she needs after a terrible week. She doesn’t know what his problem is," a pal explained.

“As far as she is concerned Derry is making the whole thing up.”

The friend added: “Kitty is really down about all these accusations. She just wants to concentrate on the music, away from all the backstage bickering.”

We're not sure what to believe, but it's sure to ham Kitty's chances in the competition whether it's true or not...

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