X Factor 2011: Kelly Rowland predicts yet more rows with Tulisa!

Tulisa and Kelly

Just when we thought that arguments between The X Factor 2011 judges were over with, Kelly Rowland has warned more could well be on the way. The sick judge told heat (so not that sick, then) that she expected tensions amongst the judges to increase over the next few weeks.

And Kelly also hit back at Tulisa once more for talking about Misha B's backstage antics.

"We are there to judge the acts on what they have done on Saturday night," Kelly told the magazine. "If someone has an issue with another mentor's acts, I would approach that other mentor off camera.

"I didn't think it was fair on Misha at all, there was a much more professional way of handling it. I know emotions are running high, but we need to set the bar for being professional."

She added: "If anything, as the show goes on, the rowing is going to get worse... the closer we get to the final, the closer you are to changing somebody's life.

"It wasn't the right time [to criticise Misha]. We're here to judge the live shows. That's it."

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