X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow helps Marcus Collins overcome stage fright!

Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins may seem like one of the most confident of this year's X Factor finalists, but the 23-year-old hair dresser has admitted he gets just as frightened as the rest of them as he heads out on stage on Saturday nights!

“I always try to come across confident but I get really nervous backstage," he told local newspaper the Liverpool Echo. "I get so frightened because I want this so much and I don’t want to let anyone down."

And Marcus also told the paper how mentor Gary Barlow has been helping him out with his stage fright.

He explained: “Gary sat me down and we watched my performance back. It reassured me I’m doing the right thing. I find it hard to believe in myself at times but I had so much fun on Saturday. It’s madness that I’m on The X Factor. I’ve watched it for seven years. It’s a dream.”

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