Kitty Brucknell demands no vocal effects for this weekend's X Factor

Kitty Brucknell x factor

X Factor perform Kitty Brucknell has demanded show bosses don’t alter her voice this weekend after complaints over her performance on Saturday night. Show bosses yesterday admitted they had used a phaser to make Kitty's vocals sound spookier for Halloween.

But some viewers felt using the effect was "cheating", with others comparing it to AutoTune.

“I can’t believe people think I was autotuned. I have been performing on stage for nine years and never used it," Kitty said today. “I didn’t know they were going to add the effects to my voice. It wasn’t my decision.

“They used a vocoder and afterwards when I watched it back I could hear it too. It was done so that it made me sound more like Marilyn Manson.”


Speaking to The Mirror, Kitty added: “I trust the production team. They have made my performances look amazing on the live shows. But I’m going to insist they don’t change my voice with any effects next week. I want people to keep voting for me and to vote for my voice. I have been working really hard and hope I have turned things around.

“I wasn’t in the bottom two this week thanks to my amazing fans. I will be gutted if this row ruins my chances.”

A spokesperson commented: “We don’t use autotuning and Kitty’s voice wasn’t manipulated.

“An old fashioned spacey-like effect, called phasing or flanging, was applied afterwards to make the mood of the song sound better for Halloween.”

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