X Factor bosses deny AutoTuning Kitty Brucknell's voice on Saturday

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor bosses have denied using Auto-Tune to modify Kitty Brucknell's voice on Saturday night, saying the effect used did not alter the pitch or tone of the singer’s vocals. Some (ill-informed) viewers were quick to accuse the kooky performer of "cheating" after the performance.

But a spokesperson said: "The X Factor does not use Auto-Tuning. Kitty’s track had a retro electronic style, so a robotic effect was used so that the vocals were in keeping with the track. This did not alter the pitch or tone of the vocals in any way. If Kitty had hit a wrong note viewers would have heard it.”

A source added to the Daily Mirror: “This is nothing like Auto-Tuning and we do not use any effects which would materially change or mislead viewers as to the pitch or tone of the original vocal.

“It was a robotic-echo effect in line with the track.”

Another source added to TellyMix: "The effect used was no different to adding echo or reverb to the vocal, which happens all the time throughout the programme."

Kitty’s performance – a take on Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams cover – won praise from the judges

Guest judge Alexandra Burke, standing in for an ill Kelly Rowland, said: “I love the fact you were in with the theme tonight… you’ve got some pipes on you, you can sing!”

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