X Factor 2011's Halloween special was spooktacular, writes Dean 'Midas' Maynard

Misha Bryan

The X Factor producers really got in to the 'spirit' of things this weekend with a Halloween themed live episode on Saturday night which gave us quite a 'Thriller' of a show...

We said a sad farewell to Sami last week. It was a tough call with the bottom two (Kitty being the other) Both belting out their song for survival. Based on talent, neither should have been there. It was also an eventful week between shows. Rhythmix changing their name to Little Mix. The Risk losing, then gaining a band member and ending with Kelly Rowland going on the sick. Phew. Get well soon Kelly. You were missed.

So, with guest judge Alexandra Burke standing in for Kelly,The Risk kicked off the show.

I have to say I don't agree with bringing back someone already voted off by the public, but hey the X Factor make their own rules.. It was a nervous start for The Risk, becoming a new band once again. With new member Ashford, they did an OK job considering they only had two days rehearsing time.

Johnny Robinson was up next and like him or loathe him it can't be disputed that that this was a good performance. He makes me smile.

Sophie Habibas gave another forgettable vocal. I think she could be in serious trouble this week. If she gets through this week then she has a bigger fan base than we all realise.

Up next was Marcus Collins. He gave an energetic performance and gave a great vocal. One of the performances of the night for me and his best of the series to date.

Misha B, already looking like a star, gave another faultless vocal and I hope we can now move away from the accusations and nit picking that have allegedly been going on, and concentrate on her great talent.

Midas Act Janet Devlin was up next and I'm sorry to say it was her worst vocal of the series so far. I love Janet and as my Midas Act I will support her all the way but I do agree with Gary Barlow. The predictability needs to change or she could find herself falling out of love with the voting public.

Frankie Cocozza. I am a very positive person normally so I will keep this short. The guy cannot sing. He is not likeable and his attitude towards women stinks. Entertaining? No. Annoying? Yes.

Right, deep breaths and make sure you are sitting down please for my next review on Kitty Brucknell. In Louis words, "I liked it!" Great vocal with loads of energy, slowly but surely Kitty is winning me over.

Little Mix as they are now called were up next and I liked them. Great Halloween styling and good harmonies. Forget the negatives girls and concentrate on the positives. You are the best girl band ever on the X Factor. Well done.

Craig Colton finished this 'monster' of a show with an OK performance. Like Janet, you know what you are going to get with Craig and like Janet he needs to shake it up to avoid the public losing interest in him.

So, before I go back to my coffin for a lie down I just want comment on the guest judge, Alexandra Burke. She did OK but I would not want to see her as a regular judge and the feedback I was given from people was in general not overly positive.

Overall, the Halloween show was spooktacular. The majority of the acts were much better than last week. Let's hope they take their masks off for next week. What do you mean they weren't wearing any....

Have a happy and safe Halloween and watch out for the ghosts and ghouls....

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