OMG! Simon Cowell asks Louis Walsh which X Factor judge to axe!

Simon Cowell

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has apparently entrusted Louis Walsh to decide the futures of Tulisa, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow on the show! According to the Sunday Mirror, Simon wants Louis to pick which of the trio gets the axe and who to replace them with.

It's a bizarre story and one that we hope is completely rubbish, but with viewers continuing to fall it’s no surprise producers want to make big changes.

"Simon will do anything to turn the show around. He is furious that X Factor has lost so many viewers," a source says. “The show is now being beaten by Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings.

“That would have been unthinkable last year. Simon is sure it’s all down to the judges.


“It’s no coincidence that as soon as the new team came in the viewers fell off. He thinks the only way to save the show is to get rid of some of the panel. He was disgusted by the way some of them are behaving."

And the source revealed: "Because Simon’s over in the States he can’t do it himself, so he’s putting it all in Louis’s hands.

“Louis and Simon are best friends. Louis is his eyes and ears in the show, Simon’s man on the ground, so he is the best-placed
person to decide who gets the chop.

“Simon has given him two days to decide who goes and Louis’ word on this will be law.

“Simon trusts him absolutely and Louis is the one judge whose job is absolutely safe. He would rather scrap the whole show than dump Louis.

Let's hope this is just a cruel Halloween prank or perhaps we'll soon be hearing Peter Dickson introducing Wagner once more!

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