X Factor 2011: Judges arguments are real, insists Gary Barlow

X Factor 2011 judges

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has hit out at criticism suggesting that the judges’ comments and arguments are scripted, saying their rows are very much real! Talking about a split in the panel, Gary admitted it was a case of him and Kelly against Tulisa and Louis.

And Gary confessed he was "shocked" by Tulisa's comments towards Misha last weekend.

“For anyone who thinks last week was all for the ­cameras, then they’re wrong. Tulisa is very young and what she came out with shocked me, to be honest," the Take That star told the Sunday Mirror today.

“I couldn’t believe it had been brought to the stage, but she’s one of those people, who when she sees something she’s got to say it, so fair enough.

“Maybe it’s a case of Kelly and me against Louis and Tulisa."

However continuing to talk about last week’s 'Misha B Bully'-gate, Gary revealed he could understand why Tulisa made the comments.


“I do like Kelly. I don’t know why Tulisa did it. But she is the kind of person who only does stuff she believes in. She’d probably defend it if you talk to her. Tulisa’s not one to back down," he said. “We all feel very protective towards our acts. In Tulisa’s eyes she was defending her bands, but then on the other side of the coin Kelly’s there with one of her bands being looked at like a trouble maker.

“If anything I think Misha’s chances will have improved. I think people will have felt sorry for her."

But Gary added that he felt Louis had taken his comments about Misha too far last Saturday.

“If you flip it round she was ­actually being bullied. I don’t think Tulisa bullied her, but Louis took it too far," he added.

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