X Factor: Sleazy Frankie Cocozza says of latest fling: "I met her and I banged her"

Frankie Cocozza

You'd think after a stern telling off from guest judge Alexandra Burke on tonight's X Factor that Frankie Cocozza would've calmed down a bit, but he showed no signs of changing on tonight's Xtra Factor. Asked about newspaper reports from last weekend concerning the teenager's latest night out, the sleazy wannabe admitted: "I met her and I banged her”.

The 18-year-old was discussing stories linking him to fellow reality star, busty Geordie Shore girl Holly Hagan.

A shocked Caroline Flack said: "Did you just say that?!" Olly added: "You can't say that!"

And asked if he was going to be seeing Holly again, Frankie replied "probably not," adding he was up for some 'hanky panky' with any of his other admirers.

But writing on Twitter after the show, Frankie tried to back track, saying: "So sorry for my comment on xtra factor I really am, it just slipped out. [sic]"

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