X Factor 2011: Frankie Cocozza gets some home truths from Alexandra Burke

Frankie Cocozza

X Factor wannabe Frankie Cocozza was on the receiving end of some home truths during this evening's live show from guest judge Alexandra Burke. The former X Factor winner, who was standing in for an ill Kelly Rowland, questioned how seriously the teenager was taking the competition.

She said: "I'm really confused about you because I personally feel you lack in vocal range. You gave it energy but my fear is how you're perceived... how seriously you take this... that's the only problem I have with you."

"Don't worry Frankie she's only here for one night," Frankie's mentor Gary joked.

He added: "I think we've found a sweet spot for you tonight, well done."


Louis and Tulisa were also positive of Frankie's take on The Clash track Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

"Frankie I think you've got your swagger back! Vocally, that was a lot better than I was expecting... should you say or should you go? The public will decide," Louis said.

Tulisa added: "Err.. Frankie.. I think you won me over with that performance. I'm starting to think the Frankie we saw in the first audition wasn't the real Frankie and this is the real you. I liked it tonight, it was a good performance."

Defending himself, Frankie told host Dermot O'Leary: "I'll be an absolute idiot if I didn't take it seriously... unless you're in the house all the time you don't know how seriously we take it."

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