It's time to get your freak on! It's The X Factor 2011 Halloween special...

X Factor 2011 judges

It's set to be a spooky X Factor special on ITV1 tonight, not only filled with some petrifying performances but also plenty of drama! With Kelly Rowland ill in the states and sitting the show out, could we see another star join Louis, Tulisa and Gary?

Meanwhile there's been trouble with the groups, with one member of The Risk quitting on Thursday, replaced by Nu Vibe's Ashford Campbell.

Groups mentor Tulisa said: “The Risk boys really wanted Ashford to replace Ashley and I think he’s got a great voice, he’s a fantastic fit and I totally support their decision.”

And we'll also be seeing the introduction of Rhythmix's new name Little Mix as the girls sing it out to avoid elimination on Sunday.

But what about the performances?

"I’m bringing the crazy, just like everyone thought I would,” kooky Kitty Brucknell told us. “I’m not stripping it back, I’m not being weird, I’m just being Kitty."


Who knows what that will involve?

Sophie Habibis said of her track: "I’ve got an old school classic which I’m really excited about, definitely, definitely spooky. I want to keep it on the same track it’s originally in because it’s such a good song but I obviously have to put my spin on it."

Meanwhile Marcus Collins has revealed he'll be doing a mashup while Johnny Robinson teased his performance will be completely "stripped back".

And the costumes?

Sophie tells us: "This week it’s Halloween so I want to be scary… but not scary in a bad way, you know what I mean? I want to go crazy this week."

But it's Kitty who we're most looking forward to seeing, she says: "I had this idea of going out in a wedding dress covered in blood. I wanted to have a gruesome mask to make it look like the skin on my face was hanging off. Louis sat me down and said I couldn’t because it’s a family show.”

What on earth will she do instead?

We can't wait to find out when The X Factor kicks off tonight at 8PM!

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