X Factor 2011 backstage: We catch up with Sophie Habibis!

Sophie Habibis

We have quite a soft spot for X Factor 2011 hopeful Sophie Habibis and can't wait for her "spooky" Halloween performance this evening! We caught up with the rather hyperactive Sophie at yesterday's rehearsals to get the latest on this evening's show and what exactly is going on backstage!

It’s Halloween weekend! What do you have planned?
I’ve got an old school classic which I’m really excited about, definitely, definitely spooky. I want to keep it on the same track it's originally in because it's such a good song but I obviously have to put my spin on it.

This week it's Halloween so I want to be scary... but not scary in a bad way, you know what I mean? I want to go crazy this week. Every week it has been something different but I think for me I'm finding the road I want to go down. I'm excited about this week.

Gary has said you need more “spark” in your performances, how are you going to win him over?
I'm going to be myself, I've been thinking about it for a long time. Showing a spark and being confident comes with being comfortable, this is still all new to me... it will come in time. But I have got personality and spark and I think Gary knows this and is telling me because he wants me to show it.


Are you finding it hard to show your personality?
I think, especially with the songs, they're not really upbeat, they're quite sombre and with that comes emotion and you've got to be really passionate. Hopefully the further I get I'll be able to sing bigger songs that will bring out my personality more... but I'm just going to be myself.

So what would be your favourite song to perform?
Anything by Amy Winehouse... especially with her unfortunate passing on, I'd love to do a tribute to her, but we’ll have to see. There are loads of songs I'd love to sing.

There have been rumours of an Amy Winehouse tribute week...
I haven't heard anything about that but fingers crossed.

You rocked it up and sexed it up last week, do you feel more comfortable with the sexier styling?
I wouldn't say sex it up, but of course, I'm a 19-year-old girl, I enjoy wearing heals and all that. Week by week, I'm discovering more about myself and what I like.

Sophie Habibis

We can’t ignore the stories about Misha B, how has the atmosphere backstage been? Have you experienced any of what Tulisa and Louis claimed?
No...I was very confused by how it all went, the atmosphere backstage is amazing. It's nothing but energy and love.

What’s the atmosphere like in the house, especially now that people are leaving?
It's heartbreaking, every time you see someone going it's like one of your family moving out. But it's The X Factor... it's not nice but we're so busy that you just don’t have time to think about these things. You have to focus on yourself. I’ve got plenty of friends in the house but I’m here for me.

We’ve heard you’re getting closer to Tulisa than Kelly...
I get along with Tulisa fine, I respect her but Kelly's my mentor. I'm here for Kelly, I love Kelly... I love Kelly!

The X Factor 2011 airs tonight at 8PM on ITV1

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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