X Factor's The Risk feel Ashley quitting has "ruined" their chances

The Risk

X Factor boy group The Risk are feeling that their chances in the competition are ruined after band member Ashley John Baptiste dramatically quit the show this week. In a shock exit on Thursday, Ashley told producers he wanted to leave the competition after being put into the group at bootcamp.

In a statement, Ashley said: "It’s been a really tough decision but I have decided to leave The Risk. I don’t believe my future lies in a boyband and it’s not fair on Charlie, Derry and Andy to remain in the band when I am not truly committed to it for the long term."

But Tulisa and the remaining three boys - Charlie Healey, Andrew Merry and Derry Mensah - are angry at the decision to quit half way through the live shows.

Tulisa told The Mirror about the remainder of the group: "There is ridiculous pressure for the boys now. They think it has ruined their chances of winning.

"They are very upset. They weren’t aggressive but when they were saying goodbye there was silence and absolute shock.


"They woke up that morning and were rehearsing and then all of a sudden they were losing a band member. They can’t even come to grips with what has happened.

"He hasn’t even had an argument with any of them. That is not the problem.

"They were looking at him asking ‘Is it us?’ because there has been no confrontation.

"They don’t argue so I don’t know what it is.

"He said something about graduating and wanting to take a year out of studying. But at the end of the day I am looking for reasons. But some people take a step into this industry out of their normal life and go ‘woah I can’t take this’.”

It was confirmed yesterday however that the group would remain a four piece, with Ashford Campbell from axed group Nu Vibe returning to the show to replace Ashley.

Tulisa said: “The Risk boys really wanted Ashford to replace Ashley and I think he’s got a great voice, he’s a fantastic fit and I totally support their decision.”

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