X Factor 2011: Little Mix (Rhythmix) were "in tears" over bullying by Misha B, claims Tulisa

Tulisa Contostavlos 2011

It seems that the Misha B bully gate just won't go away. Exactly a week after it all started, X Factor judge Tulisa has flared the whole thing up again by claiming that her group Rhythmix, now called Little Mix, came to her "in tears" after being bullied by Misha.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Tulisa revealed: “The truth is, on that day, that was the second incident I had had with Rhythmix where they had come in to my dressing room crying that morning over something Misha had said to them.

"If I've got my acts, four young girls, coming to me in tears, I was wound up that day and I thought I am going to go out there and defend my acts."

Tulisa insisted: “I'm not going to stand up there and say I love you, I think you're great, it's a great performance and not say the truth, which is backstage, people are crying. I am 100 percent honest.

“I was a little bit surprised by Kelly's reaction but, do you know what, I'm not upset by it.”


And the feisty singer added she felt Kelly was contradicting herself by complaining about bringing backstage antics to the live shows.

She said: “I think it's a bit of a contradiction.

“She says that whatever happens backstage should stay backstage but herself and Gary always talk about this person's lovely backstage. It was only the week before last they were talking about Sophie saying she doesn't have enough spark or personality, which is backstage.

“But if it's something negative we can't pull that one out of the bag.”

Good thing Kelly won't be at the studio tonight!

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